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The ISIS School of Holistic Health provides an extensive programme of courses and teachings for those interested in spiritual and personal development, to expand their mind and open their heart. It is a place of compassionate learning and study.


The emphasis is on developing our inherent connection with the Divine Light within. The focus is on experiential learning through an ever-deepening inner journey into the truth of  'Who I AM’ and what is unconditional love, for self and the world. 


Fotoula Adrimi

BA(Hons), MSc


Fotoula is a best-selling Author, Teacher and Channel of the Path of ISIS, Shamanic Teacher,

(member of, Spiritual Coach and Channel. Fotoula's work initiates inner transformation, deep healing and awareness beyond the blocks and limitations that hide our inner light

and soul's purpose.

Fi(2)-14 Oct 21.jpg

Fi Sutherland

BEd (Hons) BSc (Psychology)


Fi is a Teacher of the Path of ISIS, Energy Healer, Therapeutic Counsellor, Life Coach and Meditation Facilitator. The focus of Fi’s work is on helping people connect with their heart and bring more authenticity and understanding to their life and personal situation. She supports people to live in a more heartfelt and sincere way.


The ISIS School of Holistic Health produce a beautiful newsletter each month. You can read the most recent, and all previous newsletters on the school website, by clicking on the envelope. You can also sign up to the mailing list if you would like to receive this to your email each month. 

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