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What is Energy Healing?

"Healing is the realignment of the soul with its Divine purpose"                                         Fotoula Adrimi

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As we travel through life, we

can become stuck in belief

systems and habits that derail

us from our soul’s path, and

create confusion and

discord in us, and in our life.

ISIS healing expands our

awareness, so that we can view our life from a bigger

perspective and free ourselves

from the patterns of thinking and ways of behaving that no longer serve us.

At the same time, there is a very practical outcome to ISIS Healing as it aims to

bring a person’s body and spirit into a state of natural balance. It addresses many levels at once: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, the auric field and the chakras. The energy bodies are

cleansed and revitalised with the high

vibrations. This allows life-force energy to flow more freely through all the

energy systems.


ISIS Energy Healing is the name of the spiritual healing modality that works with the highest frequencies of the Living Light. The energy embodies high vibrations of Divine Consciousness that aims to heal us at soul level and bring us into alignment with our life’s purpose. The issues we face in our life form part of the eternal journey of the soul, through space and time. The energy healing invites us to open the doors of our heart to our inner knowing and authentic Self and embrace the soul’s journey.

































The ISIS School of Healing is part of a very ancient lineage of spiritual growth, which is at least 5,000 years old dating from the Pyramid Texts and beyond. The lineage has been re-introduced by Fotoula Adrimi directly from her Enlightened Spirit Guide, ISIS. The School holds the copyright of the ISIS Healing modality and implements and maintains very high standards.


ISIS Healing is a download of the Living Light

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