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Shamanic Healing is an ancient spiritual healing practice. A shamanic practitioner travels the parallel realities and consults with helping spirits of light to find and resolve the deeper causes that create difficulties in our lives.

Forest Path

The Shamanic Session:

During the session, the shamanic practitioner will work with guidance from the helping spirits. Depending on the person’s intention for healing and their particular situation, various healing practices may be employed, most commonly an extraction, and soul and power retrieval healing. Each healing is tailored to the person’s needs based on the advice of the helping spirits.

Shamanism considers that many of the issues, dis-ease, and life problems we face, derive from a deeper disconnection from our spirit. The social programming or conditioning, can deprive us of the ability to lead a happy life based on the wishes of our soul. We may feel numb, stuck, lost and unable to overcome difficult or traumatic experiences from the past.


Shamanic practitioners practice power retrieval to bring back life-force energy and help us flow with the river of life; soul retrieval to bring back lost or disassociated parts of our essence that are stuck in the past due to trauma; extraction to remove foreign energies from our body; ancestral healing to help us with issues we carry from our ancestral lineage; and transfiguration to help us access our own light. Some practitioners also work with helping those who have died and can also help people prepare spiritually for death, especially when there is a terminal illness. Some perform healing on animals or work to clear the land and home from heavy energies.


Shamanic healing is not a magic wand. Some people may carry complex, deep-seated issues that have been playing out for many years. Some have already done a lot of inner work, either with a counsellor or psychologist, and a shamanic healing can be like the icing of the cake, a healing that brings completeness and an ending. Others may be on an ongoing path of soul evolution and spiritual development, and as they continue to open into the embodiment of their authenticity, they may need sessions over a period of time.


Native Drums

Shamanic healing can be practiced in person and online. It is usually supported by drumming/rattling, and the practitioner may also sing power songs and mantras. You may experience different sensations in your body, including pain and nausea, when the helping spirits perform what is known as psychic surgery and extract foreign energies from your body. This is normal and usually resolves itself instantly, or soon after the session.

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