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Past life regression and soul retrieval open a window into our previous existences and give us the opportunity to reclaim ourselves, within a safe and therapeutic setting.

Apart from our current life, many people have had other incarnations in what we call the past and the future. Time is not linear, and our soul has lived in other centuries and in various forms – we may not always incarnate as a human being. Each life offers opportunities for soul expansion and teachings about who we are. And each soul makes various choices about what to experience in a life. Sometimes we experience situations and connections that bring us joy, and other times we encounter difficulties and trauma. Unresolved trauma in one life, may continue to present itself in subsequent incarnations until it is fully healed.


Each time we experience deep trauma, in this or another life, our inner light dims a little. If this trauma remains unresolved we will carry the weight of the grief and pain we experienced. This can burden our heart and dampen our spirit. We may spend years, or lifetimes, without feeling the joy of our inner spark. This is why, in past life work, we go back to unearth the cause of how we feel, think and act now. By discovering the cause we gain understanding, and we can heal and retrieve our essence, our spark, from the time we lost it. 

For some people, awareness and healing of what happened in a past life is not enough. Due to the trauma of an event, they had dissociated, and part of their soul essence remained stuck in that life. Consequently, a past life regression can also encompass soul retrieval. Practitioners will help their clients to identify any parts of them that still remain in a past life, helping them to integrate these parts back into their body in this life. In so doing, the client gains both awareness and is empowered to move on from the specific block in their current life.

During a past life regression and past life soul retrieval you will be gently guided by the practitioner to reveal to yourself, issues, patterns and spiritual blocks from other lives and understand how they may affect your current life. Some people even experience physical conditions, the root cause of which originated in another life. 

A past life regression therapy session may take place either in person or online. 

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