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Irene Smith


What if certain interventions could reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease?

With a family history of Alzheimer’s, Irene was surprised when she too experienced cognitive decline. As a carrier of the APoE4 gene, a known risk for Alzheimers disease, she almost lost hope when she discovered a preventative protocol which has also reversed early cognitive symptoms.


Her most wonderful and insightful book, The A Word, Living in Harmony with my Alzheimer Risk, gives an account of her cognitive experience, the return, and what the experience has taught her.

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This best selling title is a roadmap to spiritual awakening, accessible to all, that reaches into the depths of your soul to retrieve the diamond within.


Fotoula Adrimi, Shamanic Practitioner, Healer and Teacher, combines her extensive therapeutic experience and the latest theories of modern psychotherapy with ancient esoteric knowledge. This book has inspired hundrends of people to find their own understanding of spirituality. It offers an applied approach to spirituality, enhanced by groundbreaking Teachings from compassionate helping spirits, the ancient Egyptian Mother ISIS and THOTH, god of wisdom and learning.

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Fi Sutherland's inspirational memoir of her recovery from a near-death experience in Peru in 2009, guides readers in the awakening process through personal development, spirituality and meditation.

Fi emerged from a coma in the enlightened state of unconditional love, joy and inner peace. In this blissful state and free from fear, she was present in each moment, and only that moment mattered. The luminous experience strengthened Fi's resolve to follow her heart and help others to consciously achieve the awakened state.

Coming Home rouses the inner calling to live life in an authentic, meaningful and inclusive way, and helps each reader reveal their hidden gifts and find joy

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